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Blueprint CoverBlueprint for School Employee Wellness

A guide to making employee wellness programs work for School Districts, Education Service Districts and Community Colleges.

Note: Once Blueprint for School Employee Wellness guide is opened it should be saved to the local device and operated using Adobe Acrobat.  This will minimize the operational time required to utilize some of the optional extra resources in the Blueprint guide.


Lets Play! As a community, educators recognize the importance of play in the lives of children. It helps them learn and grow, fostering the skills needed to adapt in an ever-changing world. But play is not just for children – it is an essential part of life; from adolescence to adulthood, helping reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and connect to the world around us. Laughaceuticals provides a unique and fun way to cultivate well-being in the workplace. In this interactive workshop, participants learn how to directly apply play concepts into daily life, through hands-on games and activities. Join our fabulous teaching artists for this engaging session and walk away with practical tools to manage stress and anxiety, gain an understanding of research demonstrating the health benefits of play and laughter, and create a healthy work environment.

Resource Guide on Health Care Consumerism

This guide is a reference tool to help the reader become a more active health care consumer. It is intended to help raise your awareness so you can recognize and learn more about the health conditions affecting you, make the most of your health care benefits and pursue a healthy lifestyle.



Employee Health Matters in Oregon Schools:  

More than 104,000 staff are employed in Oregon’s public schools, spending half of their waking hours at work.  Place matters; where people live, work and play influences their daily choices.  Schools can take action to create an environment that makes it possible for school employees to integrate healthy behaviors – such as healthy eating, physical activity, quitting tobacco and reducing stress – into their daily routines.

•  Polar BodyAge

The BodyAge System is a health/fitness assessment tool that provides participants with a baseline measurement of their overall fitness level.  Participants receive a computer generated report with blood pressure, body composition, flexibility and strength results.  A body age is then calculated from these results.  The report compares it with their actual chronological age and outlines steps that can be taken to decrease one’s Body Age and improve overall health and fitness.    •  FAQ for BodyAge 

•  2015 Health Observant Dates

Examples of Wellness Challenges

•  Fitness Challenge

•  Veggie Challenge

•  Water Challenge

•  Walk Around the World

•  Healthy Living Points

 Working Well At School Brochure – Resources

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