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Q. How did the Wellness Grant Program get started?

A. For thirty years OEA Choice Trust has provided cost effective health insurance plans to our members along with superior customer service. In 2008, the Trust elected to move in a new direction. The Trust felt this was an opportune time to develop new ways of giving back to Oregon public school employees; as a result, the OEA Choice Trust Employee Wellness Grant Program was launched to promote and protect the health and well being of school employees.

Q. Who is eligible to apply and how much funding is available?

A. Applicants must be located in Oregon and be a K-12 Oregon School District, Education Service District, Community College or Public Charter School.  Grant funds can be used organization|district-wide or if not used organization|district-wide, must be offered to a minimum of 100 employees/members.  Only one grant award will be given to a School District, Education Service District, Community College or Public Charter.  Wellness Grants range from $2,500 to a maximum of $25,000 per grant year. Grant applicants may request a maximum of $75,000 for school employee wellness programs that will be implemented within 5 years.  Grantees will be required to provide a minimum of 50% in matching funds either through in-kind contributions or outside funding partners.

Q. What are the major funding priorities of the Wellness Program?

A. The Trust recognizes many diverse health and wellness issues face school locations; that’s why our School Employee Wellness Grant Program is designed to allow schools the flexibility to design and tailor their programs to best address their unique school’s goals and priorities for healthier living.  Below are funding priorities for School Employee Wellness Grants:

1.   Improve health and well-being of school employees by focusing on the following areas:

  • Physical fitness
  • Healthy eating
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Discovery and manage of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and depression
  • Building Stress Resiliency

2.   Build a culture of health that engages school employees in healthy living to prevent and/or manage risk factors and chronic diseases.

  • Policies, practices, and environments that engage employees in healthy living.
  • Visible administrative leadership that communicates the value of employee wellness and it is a priority to the school.
  • Social environment that promotes health and wellness as the norm rather than the exception at their school.

Q. What is the process for applying for a grant?

A. You may download a grant application from our website or request a grant packet at  journey@oeachoice.com.

Q. Is someone available to meet with us to discuss the grant proposal?

A. Yes, we are happy to discuss your proposal; however we will not be able to tell you whether the application is successful until after the Board of Trustees have reviewed and made their award decision. We also encourage you to e-mail or phone us with questions about the grant application and review process.

Q. What are the deadlines for applying for a grant?

A. View our timeline.

Q. How are decisions on proposals made?

A. The OEA Choice Trust Board of Trustees will evaluate and approve grant awards to determine whether the grant proposal meets our funding guidelines and priorities. Issues central to OEA Choice Trust’s evaluations of proposed projects include:

  • The strength of district and school administrator support.
  • The degree school staff (certified, classified, confidential and administration) has been involved in developing the wellness program.
  • Whether the project addresses significant health needs and interests of the school employees.
  • The goals and objectives are clear, achievable and align with the school staff health needs.
  • How well the project fits within OEA Choice Trust’s funding priorities.
  • The potential impact of the project to improve/promote school employee health & wellness.

Q. Are there things that specifically will not be funded?

A. See the grant application guidelines/Terms and conditions section which lists out what cannot be funded. Generally we will not fund:

  • Funds requested for political or religious purpose
  • Items already purchased
  • Activities already taking place
  • Deficit funding
  • Staff room renovations and furniture

Q.  Do you give grants to individuals or individual schools?

A.  No

Q.  May we fax or email our grant proposal?

A.  Yes (see below)

OEA Choice Trust
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PHONE: (503) 620-3822 or (800) 452-0914

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Please email your questions to Journey@oeachoice.com